Creative Dance

A wonderful class to explore the world of dance and music. This class puts imagination into dance and develops creativity, coordination and self-esteem through dance activities, improvisation, and story dances. The different musical instrument and colorful props all add to the fun!


Suitable for children with or without previous experience of ballet, this class introduces the basic building blocks and concepts of ballet, utilizing story telling, sing-songs and plenty of imagination. This non-graded ballet class develops childrenā€™s posture, grace and flexibility.


Dance and shake in this class as kids learn new moves, release energy and have loads of fun! Children learn cool new dance choreography and build their stamina, strength and coordination.

Mix It Up!

A perfect class to introduce children to the various dance styles and music! Our classes rotate dance styles each month and features dance styles such as latin, jazz, tap, and freestyle for children. Children will explore and develop basic movement skills, expressions and coordination skills while experiencing a whole world of dance in just one class!